Tuesday, March 29, 2011

An overview of my OSS projects

Some time ago I was talking with Michael Maddox about OSS project visibility and long-term maintenance, and one of the things he pointed out is the importance of having a central place that lists all your OSS projects. Not only that, but also which ones are active at any moment. I fully agree with him.

A profile page at ohloh does just that. Ohloh sorts projects by last commit date, and it shows a nice commit activity graph for each project, so you can see exactly what anyone is working on at any moment (provided that he/she has registered the projects on ohloh, of course).

Github profiles also sort projects by last commit and show activity by project and by contributor.

Still, I think it's worth posting a summary every once in a while for reference and maybe even raise awareness about the projects, since most of them are little and quite specific. So allow me to toot my own horn for a bit and list my projects so far:

On the F# front, I've started a few projects. This is where I'm currently spending most of my OSS time.

  • Figment is a web framework inspired on Sinatra and Compojure. Original blog post here.
  • FsSql is a functional wrapper around ADO.NET. Blogged here and here. Recently released 0.1, available on GitHub and NuGet.
  • FsFormlets is an implementation of formlets based on the original papers. I wrote some articles about formlets recently, and I'll write some more in the near future.
  • CsFormlets is a layer on top of FsFormlets that makes it usable on C# and VB.NET. I still have to blog about this one.

I've also been a proud member of the Castle team since 2009. Although I haven't really contributed much code to the core projects (only the occasional patch), I've been more in a support role, answering questions from users on the mailing list and stackoverflow about just anything Castle-related, writing articles about it, helping migrating Castle to git.

I also wrote some Castle-related projects:

  • Quartz.NET integration for Windsor: as the name says, it's a Windsor facility that integrates the scheduler Quartz.NET. Blogged about it here and here.
  • Castle.Windsor.Lifestyles: additional lifestyles for Windsor, blogged about it here.
  • Castle.Fax: the first OSS project I wrote, back in 2007. It includes a facility to integrate Windows Fax Services, which can run on a client or a server. It also includes an IMAP monitor so you can send faxes via email, and a web manager to check the state of the fax server. I haven't touched this since 2009 and I no longer use it (and nobody else, it seems), so I guess it qualifies as a dead project.

As a contributor to other projects:

  • FAKE: I added support for Gallio and some other things that I needed to replace MSBuild in SolrNet.
  • GitSharp: I had a brief participation, helped automating the build and setting up continuous integration.

Most of my projects grew from scratching my own itches and are in production, except the F# projects which are more research-related. This doesn't mean they're not production-worthy, they just have a different origin and focus.

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