Thursday, March 31, 2011

SolrNet 0.3.1 released

SolrNet is a Solr client for .NET. I just released SolrNet 0.3.1.

This is a bugfix release. It's a drop-in replacement for 0.3.0, there are no breaking changes.

Here's the changelog:

  • Fixed fixed parsing of decimals with exponential notation
  • Fixed SolrQueryInList with empty strings
  • Fixed facet.missing=true
  • Added support for nullable Guid properties
  • Fixed date faceting for Solr 3.x by ignoring 'start' element
  • Fixed NullReferenceException with facet.missing=true
  • Null in range queries translate to *
  • Ignored LocalParams for facet field parameters, it generated an invalid query.

Thanks to everyone who reported these bugs and offered solutions!

Binaries are available on Google Code and NuGet.


Zac said...

Cool. but no Nhib 3.0 in this release?

mausch said...

@Zac: nope, no breaking changes. But NH 3 is in master and I'll release 0.4 beta soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi, just wondering whether SolrNet 0.3.1 is compatible with Solr 3.1.0?

btw, thank you for the great job.

mausch said...

@Anonymous: SolrNet 0.3.1 has not been thoroughly tested against Solr 3.1 but Solr is backwards-compatibly with 1.4 so there shouldn't be any issues.