Saturday, November 21, 2009

NHibernate web console

When developing web apps, I sometimes need to poke into the app's database, or try out some query. When it's a SQL Server database, I have Management Studio. But what if it's SQLite? Or Firebird? Even when it's SQL Server, most of my apps use NHibernate and I'm really spoiled by HQL. And if it's a local embedded database, you have to browse and open the db file. Boring. I already have the app URL, that should be enough.

So I built a NHibernate web console. It's kind of like NHibernate Query Analyzer, but more web-oriented. Here's a screencast showing its features:

A couple of features that are not evident from the screencast:

Yeah, I know it's butt-ugly and a little rough around the edges, but still it's pretty usable (at least for me).

DISCLAIMER / WARNING: it's up to you to secure this if you put it in a production website! Also, there is no query cancellation, so if you issue a 1M-results query you will effectively kill your app!

Code is here.

UPDATE: just added RSS support for query results.


Fabio Maulo said...

Cool!! where is hosted the source code ?

Fabio Maulo said...

Sorry, I saw it.
Very good app.