Saturday, May 8, 2010

Git on Virtual ALT.NET Hispano

Last month I did a VAN on Git for the ALT.NET Hispano (Spanish-speaking) community.

Tired of always seeing the same tutorials using the command-line, I decided to mostly use git-gui and gitk instead, making it look less daunting and more visually appealing. I also focused mostly on Git-SVN, even including a demonstration with an actual Google Code SVN repository. Most people use SVN at their dayjobs so explaining git-svn serves a double purpose: it gives them something they can use immediately, and it acts as a gateway drug for the real DVCS.

Then we discussed workflows, which IMHO is the biggest benefit of DVCS and also the most different feature from centralized version control.

I know I never post any content in Spanish, well, this one's going to be an exception ;-)
Here's the recording of the session:

Thanks a lot to Jorge Gamba and the whole ALT.NET Hispano community!