Thursday, February 26, 2009

SolrNet 0.2.1 released

SolrNet is a Solr client for .NET

Here's the changelog from 0.2.0:

Added a couple of Solr 1.3 features:

Other enhancements:

  • "Has any value" queries:
    It's often convenient to see what documents have a field defined or not:
    var q = new SolrHasValueQuery("name"); // translates to name:[* TO *]
  • Fluent interface for query building:
    Query.Simple("name:solr"); // translates to name:solr
    Query.Field("name").Is("solr"); // name:solr
    Query.Field("price").From(10).To(20); // price:[10 TO 20]
    Query.Field("price").In(10, 20, 30); // price:10 OR price:20 OR price:30
    Query.Field("name").HasAnyValue(); // name:[* TO *]

You can see the spell checker and random sorting in action in the sample web app:


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