Thursday, February 19, 2009

SolrNet 0.2 released

SolrNet is a Solr client for .Net.

Changelog from version 0.1:

The sample application is pretty basic right now, it includes only the basic features, but it shows how it all fits together. Here's a screenshot with the features highlighted:

For the next releases I'll look into adding Solr 1.3 features like multi-core and spell-checking, as well as making it easier to express queries (maybe build a LINQ provider).

Code is hosted at Google code.

Direct download links:


Don Clore said...

Any chance of enhancing SolrNet to support sharded servers anytime soon?

mausch said...

Currently I don't have a use for shards... so I don't have an ETA on that. I do have a couple of ideas about how to implement it though. Of course, patches and suggestions are always welcome ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi I downloaded SolrNet sample. I don't no how to run. There is no help file how to run. I tried to execute SolrNet application but its not work. ControllerType can not found.

mausch said...

There's a runsample.bat in the root of the sample app. If you have any other questions please post them on the google group: