Friday, May 8, 2009

SolrNet 0.2.2 released

SolrNet is a Solr client for .NET

Here's the changelog from 0.2.1:


  • Bugfix: semicolons are now correctly escaped in queries
  • Bugfix: invalid xml characters (control chars) are now correctly filtered
  • Deleting a list (IEnumerable) of documents now uses a single request (requires unique key and Solr 1.3+)
  • Added support for arbitrary parameters, using the QueryOptions.ExtraParams dictionary. These parameters are pass-through to Solr's query string, so you can use this feature to select a different request handler (using "qt") or use LocalSolr.
  • Added per-field facet parameters
  • Breaking change: as a consequence of the previous change, facet queries and other facet parameters were moved to FacetParameters. Instead of:
    var r = solr.Query(new SolrQuery("blabla"), new QueryOptions {
    	FacetQueries = new ISolrFacetQuery[] {
    		new SolrFacetFieldQuery("id") {Limit = 3}
    Now it's:
    var r = solr.Query(new SolrQuery("blabla"), new QueryOptions {
    	Facet = new FacetParameters {
    	  Queries = new ISolrFacetQuery[] {
    	  	new SolrFacetFieldQuery("id") {Limit = 3}
  • Added a couple of fluenty QueryOptions building methods. Some self-explanatory samples:
    new QueryOptions().AddFields("f1", "f2");
    new QueryOptions().AddOrder(new SortOrder("f1"), new SortOrder("f2", Order.ASC));
    new QueryOptions().AddFilterQueries(new SolrQuery("a"), new SolrQueryByField("f1", "v"));
    new QueryOptions().AddFacets(new SolrFacetFieldQuery("f1"), new SolrFacetQuery(new SolrQuery("q")));
  • Added dictionary mapping support (thanks Jeff Crowder). The defined field name is used as the prefix of the actual Solr field to match. An example:
    public class TestDoc {
        public int Id { get; set; }
        public IDictionary<string, int> Dict { get; set; }

    With this mapping, a field named "Dictone" will be mapped to Dict["one"], "Dictblabla" to Dict["blabla"] and so on.
  • Upgraded Windsor facility, now it uses the recently released Windsor 2.0
  • Merged all SolrNet assemblies (SolrNet, SolrNet.DSL, the Castle facility, the Ninject module and the internal HttpWebAdapters). It was getting too annoying having to reference all those assemblies.
  • Windsor and Ninject are not packaged anymore. If you use Windsor or Ninject, you already have them in your app so the I'm not packaging them anymore. Only Microsoft.Practices.ServiceLocation.dll is now included, for users that don't use any IoC container (actually they use the built-in container).

Last but not least, don't forget there's a google group for the project, so if you have any issues, suggestions or doubts, feel free to join!


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