Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Hi, my name is Mauricio Scheffer, and this is yet-another-programming-blog. I live in Argentina and I'm currently working as a developer for a fairly popular US website (around 150000 unique visitors per month) using ASP.NET (still 1.1, we don't have time to migrate yet :-( ) Since I'm pretty much the only developer here (my boss knows her .NET and SQL but she's too busy administering the site) I spend most of the day squashing bugs (hence the blog title). But I'm not complaining, I'm getting a new teammate next week and I'm constantly interviewing new people. Plus, there's zero bureaucracy, so I'm free to implement things the way I want, as long as it doesn't take forever. Well, that should be enough for a first post. :-)


Justice~! said...


Welcome to blogging man! Keep posting - good stuff.

Justice~! said...


That should read *Mauricio*, not Maurice. Seriously, I don't know where my brain was.

Sorry bro!

Mauricio Scheffer said...

Thanks for the support, Justice!
That's ok, people call me Mau, Mauri, Mauro, Maurus, so why not Maurice :-)