Sunday, May 20, 2007

Introduction 1.1

A good way to know a programmer is to see what tools he uses. If I read "NUnit" on a résumé, I can safely assume he/she at least heard of unit testing (that doesn't mean he's doing it right, though). If I see "MbUnit", it's likely that he did use NUnit at first, but needed more or wasn't satisfied (that was my case) So, here are some of the tools/frameworks I use (in no particular order) Another good way is to see what he's reading. I must confess I'm not much of a book reader (technical books are very expensive here) but I read a lot of blogs (part of my blogroll is in the column on the right). I think the best ideas, patterns, practices, like TDD, DDD, Continuous Integration, etc, are out there in the net anyway. I try not to stay with .NET blogs only, I also read some Java, Javascript and even Lisp blogs (although Lisp is a pending subject)


juan quinteros said...

I remove the hat before you, I wish much luck you in this new space. Obvious always I will be reading.

Mauricio Scheffer said...

Thanks Juan! Good luck with your new job!