Sunday, June 19, 2011

SolrNet 0.4.0 alpha 1 released

SolrNet is a Solr client for .NET, and I just released version 0.4.0 alpha 1.

Before detailing the changes, I'd like to clarify what alpha means to me:

  • Core functionality is stable (otherwise I wouldn't even bother releasing)
  • New features are unit-tested (otherwise I wouldn't even admit them into the repo), but may not be battle-tested
  • Not feature-frozen (i.e. future alphas/betas might get new features)
  • Not interface-frozen (I make no guarantees about breaking changes between this alpha and the final release)
  • Little to no documentation about new features or changes. Tests are the primary or maybe only source of usage.

The goal of this release is to get real-world testing and feedback on the new features and changes.

New features

  • Solr 4.0 grouping (this used to be called "field collapsing", but was completely overhauled)
  • Solr 4.0 pivot faceting
  • Autofac integration module
  • Unity integration
  • Fluent interface: added index-time document boosting
  • Fluent interface: added easier way to set Solr URL and timeout
  • SolrQueryByDistance (spatial search)
  • Support for ExtractingRequestHandler (i.e. binary/proprietary document indexing, like MS Word, PDF, etc)
  • Rollback (it was implemented but missing in ISolrOperations)
  • CommitWithin and Overwrite parameters for document add
  • Mixed exclusive/inclusive range queries (Solr 4.0 only)


  • Fixed support for nullable enum properties with empty Solr field value.

Breaking changes

  • Breaking change for IReadOnlyMappingManager implementors: it now indexes fields by name to speed up lookup.
  • Breaking change: SolrQueryByField now quotes '*' and '?'
  • Minor breaking change for direct users of SolrConnection: removed constructor with IHttpWebRequestFactory parameter and made it a property.

Other stuff

  • Upgraded to Windsor 2.5.3
  • Upgraded to Ninject
  • Upgraded to NHibernate 3.1.0
  • Upgraded to StructureMap 2.6.2
  • Upgraded to .NET 3.5


I'm very happy to say that the project is getting more and more contributors all the time, and they're doing a great job! Here are the contributors to this release:

A huge thank you to them all!

Binaries available on google code.


Anonymous said...

What about ISolrQueryResults Type ?

Mauricio Scheffer said...

Anonymous: see

Krishna Achary said...

Please let me know if atomic update is possible in solr 4.0 using solrnet.

Mauricio Scheffer said...

Krishna: please post all questions to!forum/solrnet