Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Migrating to TeamCity

So I finally got some time to migrate to the free TeamCity Professional (actually, I did this like three weeks ago but never blogged about it :-) ), and I'm loving it. Installation and configuration are a breeze, and the comet-y UI always tells you the current status. There's a ton of features I have yet to discover, but one thing I did try and really liked is jabber notifications. We have a private jabber server at work, so I created an account for TeamCity, and now it IMs me when the build fails. Plus, I get a RSS feed of all the builds.

What I'd really like to do now is put a status widget on our trac's wiki, but so far, I haven't been able to do so. I have a bit of confluence-envy now :-)


illearth said...

Just ran across your post. More than likely this is due to your Trac wiki configuration.

The HTML wiki processor tries to prevent unsafe content.

I've gotten the TeamCity external status widget to work but needed to edit the trac.ini file and set the render_unsafe_content value to true or:

render_unsafe_content = true

mausch said...

Cool, I'm gonna try this!